The digital business card of Austria is online!

Although Austria may be a small country it offers brilliance – an abundance of cultural treasures, unspoiled nature and an extensive history. It also counts a multitude of successful individuals and enterprises to its riches. Here they are – now to be seen on a global stage.

BEST OF AUSTRIA shows the world how Austria really is with it‘s first worldwide unique digital business card!

This is Austria on an interactive 360° gigapixel panorama picture: the first “selfie” of a country.


What is there to discover in the first “selfie” of our country?

Click into the 360° gigapixel image of Austria and experience our country in a new way:

digital, interactive and playful.


For a view in full screen mode, click on the corresponding full screen icon in the upper right corner.

Move at will in all directions in the picture.

Zoom in on the image to see people and images closely.

Let the links of the companies lead you to the individual websites.

View all messages and videos of the participants.

Search and discover companies and people through the sidebar menu.

Look for company independent persons under “VOICE OF AUSTRIA”.

Travel the sky and find the “Austrian Stars”.

Discover interesting “Austrian Facts” in the picture.

Visit famous places on Austria’s map.

Switch between day and nighttime view.


Have you ever been to Fucking Austria?
And do you want to see Batman’s proposal to Poison Ivy?


Do not miss the opportunity, click on the 360° gigapixel image and embark on a digital journey of discovery.

 Or go directly to the Fullscreen Tour through Austria’s “Selfie”.

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BEST OF AUSTRIA says to all partners, supporters and participants:


BOA_Gruppenbild_Danke_(C) Best of Austria / Klaus Prokop


How it all started.

From the initial idea to implementation, up to the completed digital business card of Austria.

And how it goes on.

An exciting journey from the first thought of putting Austria on the worldwide map to the interactive 360° gigapixel image that shows our country in all its diversity.

All of Austria in one picture. BEST OF AUSTRIA in a movie.


With kind support of KUBE Film


CAFÉ PULS reports on Puls4 about the BEST OF AUSTRIA event,

which took place on September 6, 2017 in the Wiener Stadthalle.


A successful summary of the event with the unique photo shoot for the 360° gigapixel image, which becomes the first “selfie” of a country.

And an insight into the background of the initiative of BEST OF AUSTRIA, to create the first digital business card of Austria revolutionizing the image of our country in the world.


What if the whole world could see you?

On the first “selfie” of a country. A unique 360° gigapixel photo that represents a cross section of the Austrian reality.

Thousands of personalities. And YOU in the middle.

On the first digital business card of Austria.


BEST OF AUSTRIA creates a prototype for an Austria platform with this project, which is the first of its kind.

Austria’s new digital business card is the result of a unique 360° gigapixel panorama image, which was created in the Wiener Stadthalle with thousands of participants.

This record photo is enhanced further with more companies, organizations, tourism regions, pictures of Austria and “Austrian Heroes”. With additional features such as videos, messages from the participants, Austrian Stars and Austrian Facts, a map with interesting Austrian places, day and night views and much more, the interactive panoramic image becomes a digital journey of discovery.

If you have further questions about Austria’s digital business card and the project of BEST OF AUSTRIA, please contact us at or use our contact form.

We are looking forward to your message.

Licht ins Dunkel

We care for Charity!  

100% of this project‘s net proceeds (€ 9,960,-) were donated to LICHT INS DUNKEL.


At this point again a big THANK YOU to the organization LICHT INS DUNKEL for the support of BEST OF AUSTRIA.

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