BEST OF AUSTRIA is an exceptional digital communication and marketing project intent on promoting Austria to the world in a fascinating modern light, fundamentally changing the view of Austria and rejuvenating its reputation as a destination for trade and tourism.

It offers an innovative means for Austrian enterprise, organizations, brands and personalities to stand out.

With the aim of presenting Austria to the world in a modern and dynamic way, more aspects of Austria than ever before (from people to business, to the smallest features of this country) are presented in a single photo.

Together with all participants, BEST OF AUSTRIA creates the first “selfie of a country” with a gigantic 360° gigapixel photo.

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This project depicts reality in a new dimension. United we will redefine the image of Austria.

A gigantic 360° gigapixel image, uniting thousands of companies, organisations and individuals. Creating an interactive experience, which can be zoomed in to over a hundred times, leading the viewer to the messages of Austrians and to the websites of companies.

The photo is a representative cross-section of the Austrian reality of economy, politics, tourism, culture, sports, NGOs, public life and private individuals, creating a new and bright image of the entire country.

An image, travelling the globe, breaking world records, which will become Austria’s digital business card.

BEST OF AUSTRIA – the new portal for our Austria.

A 360° gigapixel panorama image is created.

The first test photo for the prototype, which will become the first digital business card of our country, was also produced in the Wiener Stadthalle, venue for the unique Austrian photo shoot at the BEST OF AUSTRIA event that took place on September 6, 2017.

This 360° panorama image was used to test the first functions that were to become part of the final gigapixel image in order to present Austria in one single photo but with all its great facets.


Huge photo, huge impact – for you, for Austria

Be part of this unique global business card of Austria, which improves the perspective, as Austria is seen, and strengthens the image of our country and the business location Austria.

Viewers become part of a digital adventure trip through Austria, where they are lured to websites of companies and organizations in a playful way. This allows participating companies a national and international marketing presence, which is reinforced by the sensational and media-effective uniqueness of the project.


What if you were not there?


How is the 360° gigapixel picture created and transformed to establish Austria’s business card?

What happens during the photo shoot?

What is a gigapixel photo?

What happens in post-production?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more at BEST OF AUSTRIA – Technology


On the 6th of september 2017, BEST OF AUSTRIA took the stage to shoot the first “selfie” of a country, a 360° gigapixel photo with thousands of participants.

This Austrian record shoot at the Wiener Stadthalle was accompanied by an entertaining and exciting show event.


All information about the event of superlatives can be found on the BEST OF AUSTRIA event page.

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