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BEST OF AUSTRIA is a project by and for Austria.

It is a concept which has never been done before;  a record breaking concept.

It raises national and international attention.


Below is an excerpt of national media reports and events on BEST OF AUSTRIA.

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CAFÉ PULS reports on Puls4 about the BEST OF AUSTRIA event,

which took place on September 6, 2017 at the Wiener Stadthalle. A successful summary of the event with the unique photo shoot for the 360° gigapixel image, which becomes the first selfie of a country.

And an insight into the background of the initiative of BEST OF AUSTRIA, to create the first digital business card of Austria and to revolutionize the image of our country in the world.

KroneHit – Wir sind die meiste Musik (We are the most music)

 16 July 2017 – an early start for Philip Martin RUSCH, Ulli MÜLLEDER and Alex VOGEL from BEST OF AUSTRIA to arrive punctually at KroneHit – Wir sind die meiste Musik sound studio.

KRONEHIT DJ, Flo Dietrich, met the BEST OF AUSTRIA representatives to hear about the project and their motivation.


A short clip from from the lighthearted interview – click to listen

BEST OF AUSTRIA live in KRONEHIT - Wir sind die meiste Musik
KRONEHIT Studiostunde MIT Philip Martin RUSCH, Ulli MÜLLEDER, Alex VOGEL und Flo DIETRICH

BEST OF AUSTRIA for Licht Ins Dunkel


BEST OF AUSTRIA is both a project for Austria and a charity drive for Licht Ins Dunkel.

TV Channel ORF was one of the first to cover BEST OF AUSTRIA in a captivating report aired on ZIB 24.



On 30.08.2017, BEST OF AUSTRIA initiator, top photographer Philip Martin RUSCH, visited PULS4.

In the morning talk with CAFÉ PULS he presented the Austria initiative and the world record project BEST OF AUSTRIA.

Press release dated 7th September 2017

BEST OF AUSTRIA – the first “selfie” of a country

The mega photo shooting event yesterday with a spectacular supporting program in front of approx. 3,000 visitors across the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle.

Vienna (OTS) – Never before has a whole country been depicted in a photograph. BEST OF AUSTRIA combines the manifold uniqueness of Austria in a gigantic 360° gigapixel photo.

The photo of the American top photographer Philip Martin Rusch creates a modern, interactive image of Austria, which is carried out into the world. Austria’s first and globally unique, digital business card that gives innovative companies, organizations, brands and personalities the opportunity to impressively get in the picture and spread their message. A photo that goes around the world and breaks several world records.

But last night was only the starting signal! The thousands of photos for the virtual business card of Austria will now be put together and then carried out into the world as an interactive Gigapixel photo on www.bestofaustria.online.

Anyone who was not personally represented at the photo shoot this evening has the chance to catch up on his digital presence in the photo over the next few weeks and thus become part of BEST OF AUSTRIA.

Through Alfons Haider’s experienced and entertaining presentation, interesting speakers who care deeply about the importance of Austria came to word, including official representatives of Austria as well as successful companies as well as private individuals.

Vice-Chancellor Wolfgang Brandstetter was enthusiastic about this initiative for Austria and also for the good cause and brought along a cookie cutter in the shape of a Schnitzel produced in prisons. Representing the diseased WK Vienna President Walter Ruck, Maria Smodics-Neumann referred to the countless world market leaders in Austria and Monica Rintersbacher, CEO of Leitbetriebe Austria and Rainer Will, GF of the trade association, emphasized both the emotional and the economic great aspects of this project.

The main supporter of the event Martin Steininger underlined the necessity of such actions, especially in Austria. Heinrich Prokop (“two minutes two million”) emphasized the importance of emotions especially for the start-up scene.

The musical supporting program was played by well-known Austrian stars such as Valerie Sajdik & Mario Berger, Lemo, Playing Savage and Rats are back. The evening was rounded off by an impressive fashion show by the well-known designer La Hong.

All parties contributed to doing good, because the total proceeds of EUR 9,960 of this initiative benefit LICHT INS DUNKEL.

Best of Austria - Philip Martin Rusch und Alfons Haider - (C) Best of Austria / Suzanne McFadzean
Best of Austria - Vizekanzler Wolfgang Brandstetter - (C) Best of Austria / Suzanne McFadzean
Best of Austria - Scheckübergabe mit Martin Steininger und Philip Martin Rusch an Kurt Nekula, Präsident Licht ins Dunkel - (C) Best of Austria / Klaus Prokop



BEST OF AUSTRIA was represented in April 2017 with a booth at the Gamechanger Festival 2017 and met there very interesting conversation partners from business and politics.

BEST OF AUSTRIA am Gamechanger Festival 2017
BEST OF AUSTRIA-Gamechanger Festival_Philip Martin Rusch, Alexander Van der Bellen
Gamechanger 2017_BEST OF AUSTRIA_Stand


BEST OF AUSTRIA participated in the Gewinn Messe in October 2016 and met some interested companies who were enthusiastic about the idea of a digital business card of Austria.

BEST OF AUSTRIA Initiator, Philip Martin RUSCH, On Air bei Radio Börse
PORR hilft Philip Martin RUSCH, BEST OF AUSTRIA zu stemmen
BEST OF AUSTRIA Team auf der Gewinn Messe im Okt 2016


BEST OF AUSTRIA invited on 27 July 2016 to a media rendezvous.

At the press conference, the initiator of the project, Philip Martin RUSCH, presented his idea together with Stefan PIERER (KTM Industries), Stefan SCHÖLL (JVP), Roman SINDELAR (PKP BBDO) and several other personalities from the business world.


PK_BEST OF AUSTRIA_25hours Hotel_27.7.2016_S. Schnöll (JVP), PM Rusch (BEST OF AUSTRIA), U. Mülleder (BEST OF AUSTRIA), C. Drastil (Börse Social Network), R. Sindelar (PKP BBDO)_Foto Martina Draper
PK_25hours Hotel_27.7.2016_S. Pierer (KTM), R. Sindelar (PKP BBDO), S. Schnöll (JVP), Alex Vogel (BEST OF AUSTRIA), PM Rusch (BEST OF AUSTRIA)_Foto Martina Draper
PK_BEST OF AUSTRIA_27.7.2016_Philip Martin Rusch (Künstler und Projektinitiator), Roman Sindelar (Managing Partner/CCO, PKP BBDO), Stefan Pierer (CEO, KTM Industries) und Stefan Schnöll (Generalsekretär von Außenminister Sebastian Kurz)

Articles in PRINT- and ONLINE-Media

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Article NEWS – October 2016

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News_Oktober 2016

Press information - 28 March 2017

Best of Austria:  one country, one image, lots of (light in the dark) Licht ins Dunkel

– 6. September 2017 – Stadthalle Wien


One photographer, thousands of individuals, billions of pixels.

Philip Martin Rusch will take the largest photo ever shot in this country in September at the Wiener Stadthalle. Using special 360 degree megapixel technology, up to 9,000 Austrians will create the first Country Selfie, setting new records and supporting charitable causes. The event’s total gross net profits are being donated to Licht Ins Dunkel.

United, big, better, Austria

The enourmous Halle D at the Wiener Stadthalle, Austria’s largest arena, plays host to thousands of participants spanning commerce, politics, culture, sport, NGOs and public life, in addition to ambitious individuals, whose participation and presence unite to make the creative, artistic and technically ambitious project a success.

Rusch, the photographer artist supporting charitable causes

The American top photographer and founder of 361Focus, Philip Martin Rusch,  who has lived in Austria for the past 25 years, is doubly pleased, “What can be more beautiful than uniting so may people to create such positive impact.” The photographer and all-round artist, who has already photographed and consulted numerous renowned companies and celebrities from around the world (from Louis Vuitton to Red Bull, from presidents to AC/DC), continues, “BEST OF AUSTRIA will enter the history books because I am convinced we will unite behind the gigapixel image to break records.”

Huge picture, huge impact

Gigapixel images, composed of thousands of individual pictures, allow unbelievable detail to be depicted on screen.  The benefits for participants:  each seat is allocated a weblink, active for two years, for personal use in promoting their virtual presence.  National and international interest is guaranteed, both for businesses and for private people.  Partners from the media sector will promote the platform and raise further interest with in-depth reporting and promotional campaigns.  All for around 1.30 EUR per day.

Mega: many get a lot

Licht ins Dunkel, Austria’s largest charity supporting disable children and families in need of social care – celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2017, to whom the event’s gross net profits are being donated, is not the sole beneficiary of the event, but so is each and every one of BEST OF AUSTRIA: by being a part of this fantastic, unique project.  To broadcast a message linked to your image to the world.  Numerous notable native companies are already registered, multiple prominent celebrities will display their support by attending, and presence-enhancing partners such as the Viennese Chamber of Commerce and MQ Vienna Fashion week will multiply the effect.

Be a part of BEST OF AUSTRIA: calling everyone

Everyone can purchase a ticket for the record breaking photo shoot.  Your personal message  or URL will be linked to your image, enhancing your virtual presence further.  A wonderful idea for companies already registered is to use the opportunity for employees and colleagues to celebrate the company culture at the spectacular evening event, adding to the dynamic setting.  Tickets can also be offered as a wonderful gift.

Facts and Registration

Find out more about the project, testimonials, partners,  how to be a part of it and a few hints on how to impress at www.bestofaustria.online.

Sissy Mayerhofer; Philip Martin Rusch_Fotocredit Philip Martin Rusch

Opinions about BEST OF AUSTRIA

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