How is the 360° gigapixel image transformed to Austria’s business card?



The most complex part of this project was the planning and logistics.

The 360° panoramic photo required a specific seating configuration to achieve the biggest impact.

Lighting and equipment had to be precisely planned for a successful shoot. Simultaneously, the evening events and equipment had to be factored in to the shooting plan so that these would not disrupt the flow or quality of the shoot.

Because every vibration of the stage (e.g. by loud music) transfers to the 7m high photo tower in the middle and thus on the highly sensitive camera located thereon.

Over all, the true complexity behind this charitable, non-profit project has been establishing sufficient funding and securing sponsors, promoting the BEST OF AUSTRIA project and obtaining confirmation from both partners and supporting acts.

BEST OF AUSTRIA Foto-Shooting. Ganz Österreich auf einem Bild.
BestOfAustria_05900_BA2_6181_web_(C) Best of Austria-Suzie McFadzean
BestOfAustria_06190_BA3_0880_web_(C) Best of Austria-Jane Hoole


During the event on 6 September 2017, Philip Martin Rusch, veteran photographer and founder of the project, was raised 7-10 meters above the participants on a tower in the middle of the Stadthalle.

From this central vantage point, approximately 4,500 high resolution gigapixel photos were taken. Section by section, all participants were in the spot light and photographed several times.

Around the camera tower was a 360° stage, where the presenters of the evening and interesting show acts provided exciting entertainment during and after the shoot as part of an entertaining event.



Gigapixel images are extremely high resolution photos. When megapixels are not enough, then we are talking gigantic; a gigapixel is more than 1,000 megapixels – more than 1 billion pixels.

A photo comprising one or more gigapixels captures the finest detail. Gigapixel resolution is created by layering hundreds of snapshots over each other and merging these using specialist software to create a gigantic photo. This allows details to be viewed extremely close up with no loss of image sharpness or pixelation.


Look at the example of a gigapixel image of Karlskirche taken by Philip Martin Rusch.

BOA Event Audience_(C) BEST OF AUSTRIA


In the months following the event on 6 September 2017, each of the 4,500 photos will be controlled and optimised for colour balance, to filter for noise, proof optical parameters, etc.  Once completed, these will be merged to one 360° photo using specially designed software.

Considering the size of the gigantic photo will be too large for any photo programme to process, the image will be deconstructed again in order to move to the next stage of post-production. The final adaptations for the 360° gigapixel image will be made, such as assigning and linking all URLs and messages to the individuals and seats in the image.

In addition, images of Austria and Austrian organizations as well as Austrian Facts and Austrian Stars will be added as part of post-production.

At the bottom of the Wiener Stadthalle a map of Austria with Austrian destinations is being created.


BEST OF AUSTRIA creates a prototype with this project, which is the first of its kind.

As a „selfie“ of our country, the 360° gigapixel image becomes an interactive adventure trip, with plenty to discover about Austria.

What does the final 360° gigapixel image look like?

Gigapixel images, created with thousands of individual photos, captures details at their finest level allowing the image to be zoomed in to more than 100x. Therefore each individual or brand will be exactly recognizable.

Panorama pictures allow viewers to move through the image virtually, focusing on each detail they are attracted to.

For companies and organizations, the viewer is lead to their websites directly from their image via background hyperlinks. Other features, such as the “Austrian Stars” and “Austrian Facts”, show interesting information about Austria and its famous personalities.

A map at the bottom of the 360° image offers the opportunity to ramble through well-known and beautiful places in our country.


Click into the 360° Gigapixel photo and experience Austria through an exciting virtual voyage of discovery.

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