The project „BEST OF AUSTRIA“

is publicly supported by numerous leaders from business and politics through to famous celebrities.


Attention grabbing, unique initiatives focused on Austria as a business hub are welcomed by many.


Speaking at a press conference at the end of 2016, Roman SINDELAR, Managing Partner and CCO of PKP BBDO stressed the importance of domestic businesses to become a part of this project. From the perspective of an internationally renowned advertising agency, he speaks knowingly about how critical a company’s image is to remain competitive.

“That Austria is primarily associated with the Empire, the Second World War, Sachertorte, Mozart and kangaroos speaks of a one-dimensional and principally outdated image which excludes the abundance of wonders the country offers. We are proud to be on board with the project BEST OF AUSTRIA from the outset, contributing to overhauling the international image of Austria.”

PK_BEST OF AUSTRIA_27.7.2016_Philip Martin Rusch (Künstler und Projektinitiator), Roman Sindelar (Managing Partner/CCO, PKP BBDO), Stefan Pierer (CEO, KTM Industries) und Stefan Schnöll (Generalsekretär von Außenminister Sebastian Kurz)

The austrian Trade Association supports BEST OF AUSTRIA


Managing Director of the Handelsverband, Ing. Mag. Rainer WILL, supports the initiative BEST OF AUSTRIA, because we should be proud of the diversity and the abundance of opportunities Austria is providing.

BEST OF AUSTRIA in order to achieve more together worldwide.

Austria’s diversity needs to be recognised more in the global landscape.

BEST OF AUSTRIA offers a simple means to achieving this, as stated by Heinrich Schaller, General Director of Raiffeisen Landesbank Upper Austria, calling all companies and institutions to be a part of this project.

Martin STEININGER, MBA, - CEO, Founding Partner, Chief Investment Officer von March15

Martin STEININGER (CEO & Founder of March15), supports BEST OF AUSTRIA as main sponsor,

because he cares about this extraordinary initiative for Austria.


„Great and new things need friends, because at first they often get too little attention. That’s the way it is with innovation. And if you’re in the fortunate position of being in the right place at the right time and promoting a great, innovative idea, then you just have to be a friend.

We at March15 are friends of BEST OF AUSTRIA, probably the most innovative art and marketing idea that has come to us in Austria, for Austria. Ironically, we obviously need an American to show us and the world that Austria is one of the world’s most prolific and innovative nations.

This project needs friends to bring a current and contemporary image of Austria, as a technologically leading industrial nation with the highest quality of life and solidary society in the world. The first digital business card of our country.


I invite you to become a friend of Austria. To become a friend of BEST OF AUSTRIA. Because great ideas need friends.

 Come to Vienna’s Stadthalle on September 6 and tell the world, together with thousands of friends, a wonderful story about our Austria!”

Many well-known personalities and companies support BEST OF AUSTRIA

Sebastian Kurz

Bundesminister für Europa, Integration und Äußeres

Our companies, products and our know-how are in global demand. Multiple Austrian companies holding top positions internationally are testimony to this.  BEST OF AUSTRIA calls those to the fore whose export success has contributed to our prosperity, to fundamentally define the positive image of Austria with innovation and quality.

Sissy Mayerhoffer

Leiterin Generaldirektion Humanitarian Broadcasting, ORF

BEST OF AUSTRIA is a fascinating, innovative art and marketing project which also dedicates its services to worthy causes. Establishing the campaign 'Licht ins Dunkel' 45 years ago was also innovative. Starting as a small fund-raising effort on 24 December, it grew to become one of the largest charity drives in the country. I hope that a multitude of Austrian companies and brands grasp the novel, innovative options this project opens and that this art project captures the diversity of our country, its products, its masterpieces, its people.

Walter Ruck

Präsident der Wirtschaftskammer Wien

BEST OF AUSTRIA is a declaration of love to the successful individuals and businesses in our country. They are creative, offer employment and secure our prosperity. They drive our country forward. They are global leaders and make Austria better. For this reason there is a global high demand for the brand 'Made in Austria'. We want to thank all of these people and companies for their commitment.

Heinrich Schaller

Generaldirektor Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ

We support BEST OF AUSTRIA not only because it is a fantastic art project, but also because it is a unique initiative to creatively promote the extraordinary diversity of Austria and redefine its global image, all with little effort asked of the participants. It is all the more reason for as many businesses as possible to join this project, be they from business, industry, tourism, sport or culture. We can only achieve substantially more at a global level with intense cooperation.

Stefan Pierer


We purposefully manufacture in Austria. We firmly believe in this location and export this philosophy, shared by our motivated employees, with dependable, high-quality products around the globe. We established long ago that the KTM motorbike know-how cannot be separated from the company roots in Mattighofen.

Andreas Brandstetter


The digital age presents us with new challenges, shuffles the deck yet also offers us countless opportunities in the global village. We want to use BEST OF AUSTRIA to present Austria as a dynamic country in a new light. Our companies will seize this opportunity.

Alf Netek


Future requires perspective. BEST OF AUSTRIA is not just a remarkable project from a remarkable visionary, but has the potential to launch a modern, self-confident Austria on to the global digital stage.

Rainer Will

Geschäftsführer Handelsverband

Austria means diversity. Both on the social as much as on the business levels. Domestic companies are world leaders in many sectors and celebrate global success from Austrian locations. Capturing this innovative brilliance in a photo is more than a world record attempt, it is a singular statement for a successful Austria.

Alfred Koblinger


United we can change the underrated, often clichéd, image of our modern and dynamic country with this unique, digital event. Every Austrian company should take pride in being a part of it.

Daniel Horak


For me, Austria is the country of 'Hidden Champions' in the area of SMBs as well as in the area of Start-Ups. An initiative such as BEST OF AUSTRIA is the perfect opportunity to generate more international awareness for these extraordinary Austrian companies.

Wolfgang Fischer


Selecting the Wiener Stadthalle, as Austria's largest event location with the longest tradition, to be the location for the largest image of Austria is a natural choice, yet I am still immensely pleased. The Wiener Stadthalle is BEST OF AUSTRIA. For almost six decades it has hosted the diversity of the Showmanship-, Sporting- and Entertainment worlds, and is precisely the location to present the diversity and uniqueness of Austria as a business destination.

Rupert Wolff

ÖRAK Präsident

United we stand, divided we fall. Austria is like a mosaic: a multitude of colourful people make a harmonious, beautiful country.

Carina Hödl

Vossen Marketing Managerin

Austria as a manufacturing base offers us with a significant competitive edge. Across the globe it is associated with the highest standards in quality, sustainable production and social responsibility. We take pride in this. BEST OF AUSTRIA depicts what Austria truly is, what we have to offer, how diverse our country truly is with an ingenious approach. We are grateful to be a part of it and are looking forward to broadcasting our message to the world.

Heinrich-Stefan Prokop

Investor and CEO Gutschermühle and Clever Cover

BEST OF AUSTRIA is an initiative which depicts how innovative and diverse our country is in a brilliant manner. I am convinced that we will serve as a role model for others with this project. The beauty, as is often the case, is that our country is at the helm in the sense of “it is not the large who consume the weak, rather the fast who consume the small”.

Herbert Fuchs

Gms Gourmet Geschäftsführer

We are conscious of our responsibiltiy to our clients and our environment as an innovative company, leading the communal catering market. At Gourmet we value Austria not only for the variety of its high quality produce but also as a cultural-, production- and business destination. We are happy to support the BEST OF AUSTRIA project because it highlights the sheer volume of creative individuals, innoavtive products and successful companies in this country.


CEO, Founding Partner, Chief Investment Officer von March15

Great and new things need friends, because at first it often gets too little attention. That's the way it is with innovation. We at March15 are friends of BEST OF AUSTRIA, probably the most innovative art and marketing idea for Austria we have seen in this country. This project needs friends to bring a current and contemporary image of Austria, as a technologically leading industrial nation with the highest quality of life and solidary society, in the world. The first digital business card of our country.

Hans-Jörg Holleis

Entrepreneur and owner of system7

As an innovative company with technology leadership, we consciously rely on the location of Austria. All components for our machines are developed and produced in Austria. The know-how in the technical field is enormous - from the idea to the implementation. That makes our country unique in the world.

A great initiative to put Austria on the global map.


States Heinrich PROKOP, Puls 4’s “2 minutes, 2 million” Investor and CEO of Gutschermühle and Clever Cover, who is actively backing BEST OF AUSTRIA with his support for the venture.

Support from India comes to BEST OF AUSTRIA

from Markus Feichtner. Head of Engine Design & Development Division at Hero MotoCorp.


As an Expat Austrian for many years, Markus Feichtner has a very neutral view of our country. However, he knows from experience that the innovative and creative products from Austria are recognized and sought after worldwide. These products are “BEST OF” and a reason to be proud of our country.

Austria is Champion

Especially when organising successful sporting events.


BEST OF AUSTRIA supporter, Harald BAUER, Head of Sporthilfe Austria

Architect Dietmar Feichtinger

supports BEST OF AUSTRIA from Paris.


In his international activities he regularly encounters innovative high quality products from Austria. To support the talents in our country, he supports the initiative of BEST OF AUSTRIA.


Head of Wiener Stadthalle


Wolfgang FISCHER, Head of Wiener Stadthalle, supports BEST OF AUSTRIA because the Wiener Stadthalle has been BEST OF AUSTRIA for decades.

Austria’s famous fashion designer La HONG

speaks about BEST OF AUSTRIA.


Star fashion designer La HONG is excited to be a part of BEST OF AUSTRIA.

As a fashion designer he sees it as his responsibility to build a cultural bridge and let his chosen home country Austria shine in good light.


Our country is underrated too often and must shine in a new light.

Football legend Toni POLSTER speaks about BEST OF AUSTRIA and his support for the project.

Many companies from the attractive business location of Austria are already seizing their chance to shine on the new digital business card.


Below, a short excerpt from BEST OF AUSTRIA’s participants and partners.

Licht ins Dunkel
Bank Austria Uni Credit_2
Wiener Börse
die Österreichischen Rechtsanwälte
Philip Jelenska_logo_300
Österreich Werbung_300
Energie AG Logo_300
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KTM Industries Logo_300
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IAA logo_300
Stefanik Tischlerei_Logo
Social Börse Network_Logo Kopie
Roberto American Bar_300
Foto Video Sobotka_300
Willenbacher Advisory
system7_rail support
Digitalkamera Verleih
concept solution
Com-on communication_300
Brandsetter logo_300

Christine BRUNHÖLZL, Organisation “Auf Augenhöhe” („At eye-level“)

is pleased to be part of BEST OF AUSTRIA.


The organisation ‘Auf Augenhöhe” aims to improve the lifestyle for paraplegic accident victims and those with handicaps. This clearly makes the organisation BEST OF AUSTRIA.

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