Philip Martin Rusch

is a professional top photographer and was already shooting impressive photos of land, water and air as a decorated US Navy Gulf War veteran and photographer.

Since dedicating himself to professional photography, he has captured numerous celebrities from politicians, business leaders, and artists with his lenses. Philip looks back on decades of close collaboration with greats from Louis Vuitton, Sony Music and Red Bull amongst other notable global players.

Internationally recognised, he has received multiple awards for his work which has been published in various named magazines and exhibited globally.


In a passionate statement, top photographer and initiator of the unique project BEST OF AUSTRIA, Philip Martin Rusch explains his love for Austria and his motivation for starting this project.

Philip Martin Rusch

has lived in Austria for 25 years with his family.  During this time he learned to appreciate and love Austria.

Now he wants to share this love for Austria with the world. He wants to show the world how great this country truly is.

How did he get the idea to do this with a world premier 360° degree gigapixel Country Selfie?


Philip’s response:

„ANYONE can put a photo on to social media. Yet never before has one photo of a country BEEN its own social media – Austria unified in the world’s first high-tech integrated social media country “selfie”! This photo is about national pride and international recognition.“

 „As a professional photographer who came from California some 25 years ago, I sometimes think I love Austria more than the Austrians. I knew this was the greatest place to live even before it was voted best place on the planet – seven times in a row. I want to show the world the Austria I know, am proud of and love! My goal is simple: to pay homage to a 21st century Austria. Contrary to the typical clichés and stereotypes, the time has come to show the planet the added value and advantages that a modern Austria so competently offers.

Achtung, Fertig, Feuer, LOS!“

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