BEST OF AUSTRIA.  Austria in an image.


Austria needs YOU.

UNITED we are Austria.

And united we will show the world OUR Austria.


Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of Austria’s largest photo.

Secure your place on the business card of Austria.

Make sure the whole world sees you.


Be a part of the first country selfie.

Be a part of Austria’s digital business card.

Be a part of BEST OF AUSTRIA.

BEST OF AUSTRIA - Wir sind dabei

You missed the event and the photo shoot?

No problem!

Take advantage of the opportunity during the post-production phase to present yourself and your company on the digital business card of Austria.

Huge photo, huge impact – for you, for Austria


Thousands of links will generate a massive amount of traffic on the BEST OF AUSTRIA platform which each and every participant will benefit from.

BEST OF AUSTRIA will generate enormous media coverage – both national and international.


Just imagine you are not part of it.

Your appearance on Austria’s digital business card.


Even after the photo shoot that took place during the BEST OF AUSTRIA event on September 6, 2017 in the Wiener Stadthalle, you have the opportunity to present yourself and your company on the business card of our country.

On the finished 360° Gigapixel photo your seats, brands, pictures or other icons will be linked to your website with the “URL” you requested.

The content of the corresponding landing page is up to you and can therefore be adapted by you at any time in order to keep the content interesting and up-to-date.

Take the chance during the post-production phase to stage yourself and your company in Austria’s largest photo and to present it to the world.

The participation in this unique Austrian project and the associated valuable marketing advantages for your company are available for € 199, – (plus VAT) per seat / link on the 360° gigapixel image.


Please contact us at or use our contact form.

We are looking forward to your message!

Dr. Heinrich SCHALLER, General Director Raiffeisen Landesbank Upper Austria, talks about why you and your enterprise should be a part of BEST OF AUSTRIA.

A great initiative to put Austria on the map of the world.

Says Puls4 “2 minutes 2 million” investor and managing director of the Gutschermühle, Heinrich PROKOP, who supports this initiative and is a part of BEST OF AUSTRIA.

Your brand and your region linked with your website,

Valid for at least 2 years, your presence on the 360° gigapixel image is linked with your website and available to establish or strengthen your virtual presence.

Participating companies and organisations can enjoy the following benefits:

  • seats in the gigapixel image are linked directly with the corresponding website and will remain active for a minimum of 2 years.
  • companies and organisations will be listed in index on the BEST OF AUSTRIA platform
  • URL content can be individually tailored at any time after the launch of the online platform, thereby ensuring the content can be adapted to your current market activity
  • Listings of participating companies and organisations will be included in all publications, promotions and PR campaigns, both national and international. Additional marketing and PR campaigns will be considered after consultation.
  • Your participation and linking with the BEST OF AUSTRIA site maximises the SEO success of your own website. A broad, invaluable online marketing presence for a low price.

How can you be part of BEST OF AUSTRIA?

Even after the photo shoot that took place during the BEST OF AUSTRIA event on September 6, 2017, you have the opportunity to present yourself as part of BEST OF AUSTRIA on Austria’s first digital business card.
With images and graphics provided by you and placed in the final 360° Gigapixel photo and linked to your web page. You can specify different landing pages (one link per seat and graphic) to transport multiple content.

The following files can be inserted into the panorama gigapixel image:
GRAPHICS (all kinds of graphics such as images, logos, etc …), preferably as VECTOR files (EPS or AI files). Web-animated GIFs and VIDEOS can be added as a link. The link may lead to individual videos or GIFs on one of your pages or on the BEST OF AUSTRIA YouTube Channel.

It is technically possible to include other file formats (jpg, png, tif) in the gigapixel image. However, these should be in the largest possible size and resolution (at least 300 dpi, more than 2 MB and not less than 2000x1000px).

Further information can be found in the BEST OF AUSTRIA advertorial, which you can download here.

Boa Advertorial_Sept2017_Seite 1

Get your presence on Austria’s biggest photo now.


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